Metal Bending & Stainless Steel Bending

Metal Fabrication FacilityThe process of metal bending is straight forward but the task at hand should not be under estimated or labled as simple. Quality sheet metal bending has the ability to produce tight radius bends with absolutely no wrinkes or deformation. Whether we need to produce a V-shape, U-shape or perhaps a channel shape along a straight axis our manufacturing facility in South West Sydney can achieve this for you.

Our metal bending capability includes Air Bending / Pressing and CNC Sheet Metal Folding. From stainless steel, galvanised steel, zinc, alloy, copper, aluminium and structural steel our team at Cam Metals take pride in the high quality workmanship and customer service that follows.

Quality workmanship

Cammetal's advanced CNC sheet metal folding and bending machinery is not only designed for high tech precision but will offers increased productivity ensuring we can deliver any size project in a timely and efficient process. Our team are proficient in it's use and their craft meaning you can expect outstanding quality.

Excellence in service

Our dedicated team provide a unique and friendly customer experience and are only to happy to assist with your enquiries and requirements. There is no job to small or big! Contact us today for a free quote