About Cam Metal Products

CAM Metal Products was established in 2004. The principals of the business worked for Bosco Group of Companies in various capacities and took the opportunity to take over the contract work that was no longer required by Bosco when that business was sold.

CAM Metal Products was established to seize an opportunity to manufacture and market Architectural Sheet Metal, ceiling grids and metal ceiling tiles, tank stand fabrication, electrical boxes, office fit-out components and any other contract metal fabrication for our established clients.

Our Service 

  • Steel supply - order online or by phone
  • Sheet metal cutting - upto 5mm @ 3.6 meters
  • Welding - mig, tig, spot welding. 
  • Punching - Sheet metal punching upto 5mm
  • Plasma cutting 
  • Sheet metal folding upto 3mm @ 4.0 meters
  • 3d cad design


Why Choose Us?

- YOU will deal with a company who can complete jobs in the 1 to 10,000 quantity range per order…
- YOU have access to ON TIME manufacturing and delivery
- YOU will deal with a company who can complete small to medium size items…
- YOU get flexibility and save time
- YOU will deal with a company who has an experienced design and material selection team…
- YOU have access to external professionals who ensure you get what you want
- YOU will deal directly with the company principals…
- YOU have access to the decision makers and will can be comfortable in the knowledge that your job will get done right and on time
- YOU will deal with a local company using quality materials….
- YOU will save time and money